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Tjungu Festival – Uluru 2018

The purpose of this poster is to provide a story (as a non-aboriginal water scientist) of the water located in the heart of Central Australia.

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The Energy of Water

Water is an integral part of our environment, human body and everyday life. It constantly moves in and out of our bodies as well as our soil, minerals, plants and animals. Water contains and transports elements, minerals, nutrients and microorganisms derived from our earth. As it flows into human bodies, plants and animals, it sustains...
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The Earth’s Groundwater Quantified

Groundwater: it's one of the planet's most exploited, yet most precious of natural resources. It is the world's second largest store of freshwater with glaciers and ice caps being the largest. It is the water that has seeped underground into aquifers and reservoirs beneath the earth's surface. A new study has estimated the total...
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