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The Surprisingly Strange Physics of Water

“There is nothing softer and weaker than water, and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things.”

The Chinese sage Lao Tzu stated this paradox in his ancient text, the “Tao Te Ching”. Indeed, water’s ability to wash, soothe and nourish contrasts with its brute power, as exhibited by Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon (carved over time by the Colorado River) and tsunamis.

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The Topography of Tears

The Topography of Tears is a study of 100 tears photographed through a standard light microscope. The project began in a period of personal change, loss, and copious tears.  One day I wondered if my tears of grief would look any different from my tears of happiness – and I set out to explore them up close, using tools of science to make art and to ponder personal and aesthetic questions.

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A World of Water Resources

2013 is the International Year of Water Cooperation, as declared by the United Nations. Access to potable water is recognized as one of the grand challenges of the 21st century and touches nearly every country on the planet in one form  or another. The solutions draw on many areas of science, technology and medicine, with researchers collaborating across disciplines and continents.

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