Earth2Water’s Custom Drilling Rigs
Earth2Water’s mobile auger rigs (MARs) are designed to drill bores and install wells in difficult terrain and unconsolidated sediments (to 12m depth). Drilling works and the environmental services (soil logging, well construction, sample collection, pump testing etc.) are integrated and performed by Earth2Water Pty Ltd. Dino Parisotto (Director) has a Class 1 drilling licence (No.1977) for installing water quality bores and has 15 years environmental and groundwater consulting experience.
    Benefits include:

  • Virtually no track marks
  • Access over difficult terrain or tight access (less than 1.3m wide and 2.5m high)
  • Cost effective via combining the drilling and environmental services
  • Soil sample collection by split spoon samplers, soil corers and variable sized augers

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