Water for Rejuvenation

This newsletter is inspired by the work conducted and published by Dr Emoto in his published work, The Hidden Messages in Water.


Does water have a memory, and is it a living entity with a consciousness?

Pure, clean water with dissolved minerals from the earth is full of healthy, clean, and natural energy. Water is not separate from us. It is within everyone and all living things.


Water Output Each Day Water Input Each Day
Urine 1.5 litres Water contained in food 0.8 litres
Feces 0.5 litres Water produced by the cells 0.2 litres
Breathing & sweating 0.9 litres Water you drink 1.5 litres
TOTAL 2.5 litres TOTAL 2.5 litres


Just as water is part of a greater cycle in nature, water in our bodies is also part of a cycle as it continually comes in and goes out in order to maintain a healthy balance. Water is important for both vitalising and cleansing our bodies. It provides hydration and nutrients as well as flushes toxins and waste from our bodies.

Dr Emoto suggests that water has a memory, which can be imprinted with positive attributes and healing properties to rejuvenate and restore our health and well-being. Science tells us about the water cycle and its link to our bodies and our environment. Dr Emoto’s research tells us that with the inflow and outflow of water, we can attach positive attributes such as gratitude or well being when we drink water, and releasing/cleansing attributes connected to human waste (sweat, urine, tears).

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