Water Quality and Human Influences

Water is an extraordinary molecule containing an abundance of invisible and essential life sustaining elements. Within a single drop of water, an astrologically large number “sextrillion or 1.6 * 1021“ of molecules exists.

The Diverse Forms of Water

Water comprises a vast mixture of elements from the universe. The tiny water molecules are in constant communication with each other and the environment. Water can occur as a nanoscale water droplet, ice crystal, invisible vapour, or be as large as the ocean. Water is as old as the universe and is constantly recycled. Water not only flows around the ocean in conveyor-belt like currents, but also in the microscopic electro-magnetic exchanges between molecules.

Water’s Impact on the Environment

Water composition relates to the quality of the natural and built environment. The water molecules can penetrate, erode, dissolve and shape everything like the landscape and built environment. Water is a reactive molecule, a universal solvent and it crosses all boundaries.

Analysing Water with Modern Instruments

With modern analytical instruments, we can understand the intricate and minute physical, chemical and biological imprints in water. The water quality informs how our planet evolves over time.

Water’s Role in Geological Processes

From the weathering of rocks, and to the decay of a city, the water erodes and dissolves materials into the groundwater and waterways just like nutrients in a human artery. Most of the harmful pollutants in water are invisible.

Challenges in Groundwater Quality Protection

Lessons learned with 3 decades of contaminated groundwater investigations is the need for education about waste and chemical management to support ongoing ecological sustainable development. Groundwater quality protection needs to include analyses of current and historical pollution sources and aspects such as community engagement, engineering solutions, and government incentives.

The Future Challenge: Keeping Water Molecules Clean

Keeping the tiny water molecules free of harmful pollutants is likely to become the greatest challenge for our generation and the next.

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My passion is to educate the community about the need to protect water quality, and living in harmony with the environment.

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Geology Degree (Hons), Masters Degree – Groundwater, NSW drillers licence, CEnvP Environmental Practitioner (site contamination specialist, SC40118)

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