Contaminant Hydrogeology

Provide all your site testing, management, natural attenuation studies, computer modelling, environmental advice/technical review for contaminated groundwater projects (hydrocarbon impacted depots and landfills for example). Expert technical review services, workshops/training and technical support for Site Auditor (contaminated land).

Groundwater investigation and assessment, water quality testing and monitoring, natural attenuation, computer modelling, remediation, geology and geophysical surveys, borehole drilling and groundwater well installation. Earth2Water has innovative drilling (custom made) equipment & contractors for installing all types of groundwater wells, environmental management plans, landfills, fuel depots, industrial sites, including acid sulphate soil assessments, environmental and contaminated land assessments, information review and research, field and specialist laboratory testing, remediation, surface water and soil sampling assessment, expert review services, site auditor support, project management. Management, advice and technical review for environmental / contaminated land projects, e.g. fuel depots, gas works, industrial sites.

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