Earth2Water conducts a broad range of environmental site assessments as part of property developments, sub-division works, lease obligations, property divestments to meet Council/NSWEPA requirements (e.g. pollution incidence) to better understand liabilities as part of property ownership or management of actual/potentially contaminated land.

Earth2Water provided cost effective environmental testing works around fuel tanks and polluted environments using our customised in-house drilling equipment operated by experienced drilling and environmental consultants. The works are conducted to assess the contamination status and remedial requirements for ongoing use/property divestment or site development.

Landfill Assessment (Councils, NSWEPA, Veolia). Earth2Water offers specialist environmental and groundwater consulting services for large and sensitive landfill sites across NSW. E2W performs the site assessments, desk top reviews, monitoring activities (soil, water, air) and provides closure plans, amendments to licenses, liaison with regulators, and rehabilitation works to reduce risks to sensitive environments/communities.

Braddon Site Remediation (Former Service Station into Multistorey Complex). Earth2Water conducted extensive testing and sampling to assess the existing contamination status and provided key services to manage, remediate the grossly polluted site into EPA/Auditor approved for a modern commercial/residential complex in a sensitive business district.

Earth2Water provides water quality plans and assessment for airport sites. Assessing the catchment areas, characterising baseline water quality, conduct stormwater and groundwater testing and provide recommendations and advice for improving the environment. Works are aimed to identify key contaminants of concern and insight into future control measures management activities.

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