Earth2Water’s Custom Drilling Rigs

Earth2Water’s mobile auger rigs (MARs) are designed to drill boreholes and install monitoring wells in difficult terrain and restricted access (including indoor areas).

Drilling works & the environmental services (soil logging, well construction, sample collection, pump testing etc.) are combined and performed by Earth2Water. Dino Parisotto (Class 3 driller & CEnvP Site Contamination Specialist) has over 25 years experience with drilling & environmental projects on a broad range of contaminated land projects in NSW/ACT.

Benefits of our drilling equipment (3 rigs) include:
  • Suitable for installing gas/groundwater wells < 10m
  • Concrete coring equipment available
  • Light weight equipment- 200 kg, 450 kg, 1.4 tonne
  • Virtually no track marks
  • Access over difficult terrain or tight access (e.g 1.1m width, 2.3m mast height with small rigs)
  • Cost effective via combining the drilling and environmental services
  • Soil sample collection by soil corers, push tubes and variable sized augers


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