As an environmentally aware consulting business with a genuine interest in the Gerringong region, Earth2Water is trialling ceramic & silicon reusable cups in our consulting office and village. Our aim is to reduce the unnecessary waste of cardboard and plastic/foam disposable cups from building up within our beautiful village – from the bins, streets, parks, waterways and landfills. We need to change our outdated habits of choosing cheap disposable ones versus reusable quality cups.

To kick-start this initiative, Earth2Water is educating and introducing the concept of a “good will cup” during 2014 within Gerringong. This education will support the use of ReUsAble cups for our community and “put into practice” our genuine message to help and protect the environment. In reality, we can simply re-use individual multi-use cups (i.e. home/office) instead of the disposable cups (cardboard) which cost us our trees, power and water resources. Earth2Water will provide free ceramic re-use cups from our consulting office at 175 Fern St, Gerringong to get the ball rolling from March 2014.

We encourage our home community to make simple steps to respect our environment by not wasting resources and creating excessive waste. By doing so, our next generation and children can feel proud that we lead by example of how to genuinely contribute to our community and the environment in which we live. Gerringong is a good example of valuable real estate, which does showcase our magnificent mountains and beaches. Imagine this world polluted with all sorts of unwanted cups!

GerringongEarth2Water and our local business owners will put our in-tell to good use to encourage our whole village to up-take this environmental initiative by December 2014 – Gerringong initially, then spreading it throughout other regions.

The name of this “good will cup” comes from a discussion with our colleague (Will) in early January 2014 at the local coffee shop. We were just keen to make a difference and to reflect something from environmental scientists based in Gerringong.

Dino of Earth2Water has the support and green light from local business owners – supermarket, butcher, dentists, hairdressers, accountants, consultants – and other friends, tourists and church goers to support this environmental initiative. Lets all peddle down on this obvious decision.

Earth2Water has other initiatives to introduce in the near future such as group/individuals picking-up litter days in the parks, headlands, streets, water ways etc and at the same time keeping fit and becoming part of the social network which respects and protects their local environment.

Earth2Water is an expert in landfill waste management and this local “re-Us Able” campaign also aligns with our initiative to reduce the amount of waste being unduly buried in landfills. Our wasteful habits and way of living reflects and holds our consciousness in our village and environment. Waste reduction occurs by not holding onto our wasteful traits; letting go of these habits is an important step in the right direction.

We want everyone to get involved and grab a cup…please spread the word!

Dino Parisotto (Managing Director)
Earth2Water Pty Ltd (Mobile 0422334102)

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