About Us

Earth2Water Pty Ltd is a boutique specialist environmental consulting company.

We specialise in the assessment of soil/water/air, on clean and contaminated land.

On a typical project, Earth2Water’s team of scientists conduct research, engage laboratories (including technical instrument suppliers) to test and analyse the quality of soil, water, air to investigate and identify potential and/or actual contamination to provide assessments and remedial advice.

Earth2Water have developed innovative custom-made drilling equipment to drill bores to test groundwater, soil, air (landfill gases, fuel vapour) in difficult access areas. Earth2Water light weight drilling equipment leaves virtually no track marks and suitable for tight access/difficult terrain making them practical, and cost effective. Download our flyer or view it in your browser.

Contaminated Land Consultant Certification

Contaminated land consultant certification schemes have recently been developed to ensure that consultants dealing with contaminated sites have the necessary competencies to carry out this work. As the schemes are new the EPA is providing a 24 month transition period to enable time for consultants to become certified. After 1 July 2017 any reports submitted to the EPA in compliance with the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (NSW) must be prepared, or reviewed and approved, by a certified consultant and must have affixed to their front cover a logo or seal providing evidence of certification under a recognised scheme.SCPA Certification

Schemes are now recognised by the EPA as providing thorough processes for certifying contaminated land consultants to an acceptable minimum standard of competency:

· Dino Parisotto is a certified practitioner (17017) from The Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCPA) scheme;

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