Restoration Model
Communities Working Together with Governments,
Scientists, Schools, Politicians and Business to Restore
Our Degrading Environment


Remove Pollution Sources
  • Community to assist to identify the nature and location of pollution sources in the catchment area (CBD, factories, tourist areas, road ways)
  • Actions – pollutants found to be returned to responsible owners/source area (e.g. fast food packaging, chemical residues, bottles etc)
Conservation & Restore Environment
  • Restoring pristine conditions (water, soil, air) at developed areas.
  • Increased vegetation linking wildlife habitats
  • Remediation of contaminated land
Waste Minimisation & Recycle
  • Waste Minimisation & RecycleReusable coffee cups, carry bags for shopping, worm farming and home composting
Infrastructure & Engineering
  • Incorporating water sensitive urban designs – pollutant traps, detention basins, wetlands, porous pavements
  • Use of tools, machines, engineering to collect/remove litter, polluted sediments, keeping roads/pathway clean, treating/filtering stormwater, removing chemical residues
Empower Community
  • Raising awareness to protect and restore the environment
  • Removing litter/pollution from homes, streets & public spaces
  • Keeping waterways clean and clear of pollutants
  • Purchasing and use of environmentally friendly products (biodegradable) and local fruit/vegetables
Government Incentives
  • Funding for legacy pollution or conserving sensitive sites (service stations/old industry, wetlands)
  • Guidance, enforcement & penalties for pollution
  • Community education programs to raise awareness
  • Renewable & Green energy incentives e.g. rainwater tanks & solar power


Together We Share The Water & Environment for Mutual Benefit & Survial

Earth Restoration

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