Ellen Swanson

Environmental Scientist - BSc (Geography)

Age: That would be telling!
Experience: Many years
Specialization: Hydro-Geology

    About Ellen

    Ellen Swanson is an experienced environmental scientist with Earth2Water Pty Ltd. Ellen has completed a BSc (Geography) at the University of Wollongong and has 3 years professional consulting experience in contaminated land management across NSW, NT, ACT & QLD.

    Since commencing with Earth2Water in April 2013, Ellen has contributed to many small and large environmental projects including – landfill rehabilitation (Kiama Municipal Council), hydrocarbon and PAH contamination soil investigations & remediation (Shoalhaven City Council, Wollongong Co-op), groundwater monitoring programs (Bankstown Airport, Sydney Airport) and environmental site assessments (Shoalhaven City Council).

    Ellen has a broad range of experience with all aspects of project completion from sample collection and analysis, site supervision and contractor management, compilation and assessment of laboratory data, production of time-series graphs, technical drawings, hydraulic testing, implementation of industry guidelines (NEPM 2013), report writing, and critical peer-reviewing of reports.

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