Groundwater is an essential water resource for many urban and rural communities in
Australia. The Australian Groundwater Explorer provides a national picture of groundwater resources in Australia.

What is the Australian Groundwater Explorer?

The Australian Groundwater Explorer is a web-based mapping portal that allows you to visualise, analyse and download groundwater information for an area of interest without needing specialised software. It puts local, State and Territory groundwater information in an Australia-wide context—it is the first system to make Australian bore data available at a national scale. You can find a wide range of groundwater data, including around 800 000 bore locations and logs as well as contextual datasets such as surface geology, sedimentary basins, landscape characteristics, and some groundwater level data.

What are the benefits of the Explorer?

The Explorer ensures that nationally consistent data is freely available online so that better informed decisions can be made around how we manage vital groundwater resources. Policymakers and managers need access to information that is nationally consistent as groundwater systems often span jurisdictional boundaries. In many parts of Australia there is increasing pressure on groundwater resources from activities including agriculture, mining, urban and commercial developments. The Explorer can inform a range of water resources management decisions at local to national scales.

How does the Explorer work?

To explore the national dataset of groundwater information, you can pan and zoom using the interactive map, tailor search information for your area, view bore logs and aquifers in 3D, or download tables and graphs. Supporting information and extensive help functions allow you to find exactly what you need from this comprehensive tool.

Who can use the Explorer?

It is available publicly on the Bureau’s website and anyone can use it—government agencies, policymakers, researchers, industry and local communities. For example, a property owner interested in drilling a bore for irrigation could use the Explorer to investigate bores in their area to understand how deep they need to drill the bore to reach water and the material they will need to drill through. Similarly, a manager or consultant could access the data they need to perform a groundwater resource appraisal especially for interjurisdictional areas like the Great Artesian Basin and the Murray Basin.

What is the Bureau’s role?

The Bureau’s Improving Water Information Programme is building a comprehensive and reliable picture of Australia’s water resources to support policy and planning. It collates and manages groundwater information as part of its water information role and responsibilities under the Water Act 2007. The Australian Groundwater Explorer was developed in collaboration with State and Territory water agencies, whose datasets are available through the Explorer, and was co-funded by the National Water Commission.

Source: Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) Information Sheet
Try it out: Australian Groundwater Explorer

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