This newsletter is to highlight the importance of water on our planet and the essential role for survival – humans and the environment. Water scarcity and water pollution has become a key theme for our planet and can be better managed by individuals, industry and governments.

Clean water is essential for our health and well-being, whether cooking, showering and cleaning at work, school or at home. How we use and protect water quality reflects our stewardship and regard for future generations and ecosystems. Drinking water is sourced from rainfall, surface water and groundwater, however our built environmental causes an impact, such as the accumulation of chemicals (hydrocarbons, heavy metals, PCBs, PFAS, plastics, fertiliser) in the soil, air and water.

The YouTube video highlights the groundwater system and water management.

As part of our stewardship and time in the contaminated lands, scientists need to pass on our lessons learned on protecting water quality, water conservation and good waste management. From the vast amounts of chemicals, plastic, debris and human waste created across the planet, our environment is being degraded with an increasing trend. Microplastics have entered the waterways and atmosphere, and commonly found inside the fish we eat.
Our oceans and aquatic ecosystems are easily polluted from the stormwater draining from our cities, farms and suburbs which are located close to the coast. So, what can we do……

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