Water for Well Being & Rejuvenation

A Healing Experiment with Water – An Overview


Working for the past 30 years in environmental consulting I wanted to further explore the hidden properties of water. My university education and experience with ecosystems shows that our environment is interconnected, dynamic and diverse providing all the resources, energy, food and medicine required for our survival.

My purpose is to combine scientific and holistic work with water to improve health and well being. Recent experiments with water are aimed to reduce the stress within our emotional body by using the transformational, purifying and cleansing properties of water. So far, this experimental work has yielded beneficial and immediate results for myself.

The release and clearing of stress-disease in our emotional body enables a greater sense of harmony by letting go of pain stored in our body. My water experiments are inspired by Dr Emoto and his publications (Hidden Messages in Water). Our mind-body-spirit connection can be compared to the interconnected states of water (ice-water-vapour).

Some background about the properties of water helps to understand this experiment:

  • Water flows, permeates and dissolves all things.
  • Water is transformational (ice-water-vapour) and part of all living things (humans, plant, animal, air)
  • Water contains biological, chemical and physical aspects (salts, minerals, bacteria, acids, dissolved gases) and conducts electricity.
  • Water takes the form of the vessel whether it is a cup, body, plant or the ocean.

The experiments are to test the presumption that the human consciousness can affect the structure of the water and its “memory” to aid our well being and health.

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