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A Healing Experiment with Water – An Overview


Working for the past 30 years in environmental consulting I wanted to further explore the hidden properties of water. My university education and experience with ecosystems shows that our environment is interconnected, dynamic and diverse providing all the resources, energy, food and medicine required for our survival.

My purpose is to combine scientific and holistic work with water to improve health and well being. Recent experiments with water are aimed to reduce the stress within our emotional body by using the transformational, purifying and cleansing properties of water. So far, this experimental work has yielded beneficial and immediate results for myself.

The release and clearing of stress-disease in our emotional body enables a greater sense of harmony by letting go of pain stored in our body. My water experiments are inspired by Dr Emoto and his publications (Hidden Messages in Water). Our mind-body-spirit connection can be compared to the interconnected states of water (ice-water-vapour).

Some background about the properties of water helps to understand this experiment:

  • Water flows, permeates and dissolves all things.
  • Water is transformational (ice-water-vapour) and part of all living things (humans, plant, animal, air)
  • Water contains biological, chemical and physical aspects (salts, minerals, bacteria, acids, dissolved gases) and conducts electricity.
  • Water takes the form of the vessel whether it is a cup, body, plant or the ocean.

The experiments are to test the presumption that the human consciousness can affect the structure of the water and its “memory” to aid our well being and health.


The Question:

Can water improve our health and well being, and how can we measure the outcome?

This experiment is powered by our intention, and is designed for self care and transformation.
Purpose How Strategy Symbolism Outcomes

Improve Health & Well Being

Place messages in water to nourish or heal a desired aspect (health, peace etc). Water has the ability to hold an energy or memory and nourish the body. Place written messages inside a cup; freeze the water then thaw and finally evaporate. The ice-water-vapour is symbolic of our mind- body- spirit connection. The transformation of water triggers the flow of energy from our body-mind and spirit to heal our conditions. The thawing of the ice with hidden message during our sleep assists to dissolve emotional blockages which prevent peace and harmony. How you “feel” is the measured outcome.

How Does Water Heal?

Like the water flowing in a river, the water represents a current of a life force which constantly interacts with the earth, air, sunlight and surrounding environment. The same goes for the water in our body.

Water forms a large component of our physical body and is connected to our emotional body. Waters shows us how we can benefit from going with the flow, and to clear our emotional body by the flushing out of painful memories. Water is helpful to clear out the emotional weight from our body.

Watching the water with hidden messages transform from the ice, water and into the vapour state is a powerful metaphor for life. Go with the flow, and let transformations take place naturally.


The Water Healing Experiment (Transform the Ice 2 water 2 vapour)

The symbolic link between our body-emotional/mind-spirit is mirrored by the different states of water (ice-water-vapour). Each state (ice-water-vapour) is associated with a particular intention (ice= what we wish to dissolve, water= making the unwanted parts more fluid and ready for release, vapour= making emotions light enough to rise).

Recommended Time Requirements- 12 hrs
  • ➢ 4 hrs- freeze water in a cup
  • ➢ 4 hrs+- thaw water in a cup during sleep
  • ➢ 4 hrs – evaporating water during the working day
Materials Required
  1. 1) I cup of water to freeze
  2. 2) Plastic post notes and permanent marker – record messages
  3. 3) A ceramic cup to thaw water overnight
  4. 4) An oil burner to evaporate water (approx 45 deg C)
(Some technical details is omitted for simplicity in this initial version)


The Steps

Steps To Do Why
Step 1 (Make Ice) Put plastic cup of water (~150ml) in freezer with messages inside (e.g. forgiveness, happiness). The ice is symbolic of the stress which prevents the state desired (forgiveness, happiness).
Step 2 (Melt Ice) Put cup/ice in a different cup & beside where you sleep. The ice to melt during sleep and rejuvenation. As you awake, see the cup with water and your key messages (happiness, well being). The water is more fluid and contains the messages to be received and attained (forgiveness, happiness).
Step 3 (Create vapour) Evaporate the water from the cup using a candle and oil burner over several hours (gentle release of stress) The disappearance of the water from the flame is symbolic of the cleansing, and purification process.


Some people have experienced a release of negative emotions (disappointments, sadness) when the melt-water evaporates over the candle flame. An overwhelming sense of peace and harmony can be experienced from this experiment when toxic emotions are released from the body.

Like the water cycle, our emotions need a cleansing from the past and a healing experience. Letting go of the past, and feeling free with more vitality seems to be linked with the qualities of water. My hope is to give more value and protection for water as it is vital resource for our future and also our well being.


Water is a powerful medium which can be used to rejuvenate, heal and improve our well being.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Author: Dino Parisotto (Director of Earth2Water Pty Ltd)
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