Introduction The water wise workshop introduces the scientific and holistic properties of water. Water is essential for our health and well being, but also for the health of the planet. Topics will include the concepts, and methods to understand, appreciate and work with water;

  • The science of water-its chemical-physical-biological properties.
  • Drinking water- field & laboratory testing, the guidelines.
  • Drinking water containers- plastic, glass, metal.
  • Pollution of water- conservation & minimising waste.
  • Water for healing and rejuvenation – holistic methods inspired by Dr Emoto.

The science of water, environmental concepts, and holistic methods will be presented to show how the quality and quantity of water is important for our health. There is so much more to water than we realise.

Dino Parisotto For the past 25 years, I have conducted over 1,000 environmental investigations on clean & contaminated sites in Australia for government and industrial clients. I have operated a specialist environmental consulting company (Earth2Water Pty Ltd) for the past 16 years, and gained university qualifications (Geology honours degree, Masters degree; groundwater), drillers license & custom drill rigs, Certification as an Environment Consulting Practitioner (assessing site contamination) and provide technical support (water pollution) for Site Auditors.

My main passion is to educate the community about the need to protect the water, and show its powerful healing properties.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Author: Dino Parisotto (Director of Earth2Water Pty Ltd)
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