Drinking Water – Combining Science and Holistic Approaches

Water is an essential ingredient for our human body and everyday life. We all need to consume clean and safe drinking water everyday to survive. Minerals, chemicals, nutrients, and micro-organisms are part of our water supply, whether we drink, shower, swim or clean with it. Water constantly moves in and out of our bodies as well as our soil, minerals, plants and animals. As it flows into human bodies, plants and animals, it sustains and provides the energy for all living things.

The Scientific Approach

Water can be analysed and tested in laboratories to measure the chemicals in such minuscule concentrations (ppm, ppb). Australian drinking water guidelines are available to compare the analytical results and let us know if the water is safe to drink (e.g. heavy metals, bacteria levels). At Earth2Water we receive many calls from concerned parents regarding drinking water which has an unusual taste or smell. Laboratory testing can be conducted to ensure that the water is OK for humans, animals and plants.

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