Water is an integral part of our environment, human body and everyday life. It constantly moves in and out of our bodies as well as our soil, minerals, plants and animals. Water contains and transports elements, minerals, nutrients and microorganisms derived from our earth. As it flows into human bodies, plants and animals, it sustains and provides the energy for all living things.

We are always connected with the water through the moisture in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Our bodies, plants, animals and earth all contain large proportions of water, approximately 70%. The majority of water on the earth’s surface is salty, and less than 3% of all water is fresh; of that amount, more than two-thirds is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. As water evaporates and circulates through our water ways, groundwater and oceans, it is purified by the clouds and rain.

In addition to surface water, our groundwater systems represent a valuable and unique resource not well understood from a medicinal or healing point of view. Water is as old as the earth, with the many elements recycled and transformed by water and living organisms over billions of years. Water contains the memory of its passage through every plant, animal, human and rock/soil it interacts with. In this way, water is the interconnecting medium for all forms of life on earth.

Deep ancient groundwater systems represent water stored and protected deep in our earth and away from our industrial activities and pollution. Ancient groundwater contains dissolved natural earth minerals formed during a time of pristine water, soils and rocks. Pure, clean water with dissolved minerals from the earth is full of healthy, clean, natural energy. Pure water is able to heal our bodies through the purity and nourishment of the mineral and elements it carries. Water works like an electrical energy, which flows like a current, retaining the imprint and chemical signature from all that it touches.

Groundwater can become polluted from chemicals leaking into soil and groundwater systems. We all benefit from keeping the water clean to sustain and maintain the health of our bodies, cities, industry and ecosystems.

Just like the calm surface of water reflects like a mirror, the quality of our water reflects our stewardship and care of our precious environment. We are all part of the cycle of water and integral to its quality and ability to nourish, vitalise and sustain our world.

An earth without clean soil, water and air is a world without a vision or a future.

Author: Dino Parisotto (Director of Earth2Water Pty Ltd)
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